Stress that Stress!



The stress word in itself is such an inescapable part and parcel of modern life that’s obviously a bad news, but the good and positive news is also that stress isn’t altogether bad news but it can be helpful in many ways it can even make you better in what you do and boost you up to give that competitive edge.

It’s the major league, non-stop, never let up stress you have to watch out for you have to dominate the poison called stress or it has the capability of killing you in other words it has the power of murdering an individual slowly but steadily for sure it’s a slow but toxic steady killer, it’s up to you either you will dominate this cold blooded killer or it will ruin your life first making it a utterly miserable one and then gradually pushing you towards your ultimate destruction then no one to blame for but you and just you and that cold blooded murderer will be sitting at one corner watching you at bay and smiling and cherishing its victory and then will hunt for a new bait.

So let’s ask this question to ourselves either or neither we want this pollutant to pollute our lives or just uproot it forever because it can kill you even in the long run and if you let this demon overpower you it can shatter your life in a very short period of time even shattering your life into pieces, so the crucial decision is yours and you have to decide whether it’s either or neither.

Stress is an adaptive response it’s the body’s reaction to an emotionally disturbing event, disquieting or threatening event. When someone experience such an event or perceive it we experience what one stress researcher has called FIGHT OR FLIGHT situation or response, it’s the bodies mechanism to prepare itself for fighting or fleeing that situation there by it increases its heart rate and blood pressure shoots up, more and more blood is circulated into your system or the heart and the muscles which increases the respiratory rate. This kind of response were suitable for our ancestors and probably beneficial to the early our cave man ancestors who had to fight off wild animals, but today stress has itself become the untamed savage wild animal. Untamed and allowed to run rampant in our lives it can destroy the health unmeasureably so we have to tame this beast at any cost and not let it ruin our lives.

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