Gorge & Snack But When & What? [Part-7]

on the food enjoy it and don’t think today’s meal is my last supper and the world is going to end after this supper, you tend to eat more recklessly when you eat in the kitchen, or while watching TV or straight out of the refrigerator, and keep those fat laden foods out of reach or don’t buy them in abundance and even if you do go ahead boldly but should be honest with your body in burning them as well just be honest to that. Call a friend, walk or stroll get engrossed in some productive work, read a book but don’t unnecessarily binge out of stress.

10. EAT WHAT YOU LOVE – Don’t ruin your passion or affinity for the foods which you love to eat or hover upon or cover them up with a sheet of guilt just go ahead and eat what and how much you want to but the bottom line is try to manage those calories here and there, like you want to eat a butterscotch pastry or an ice-cream go ahead relish and cherish that treat to yourself but then cut onto that dinner and lunch by eating little less or just go for fresh salad or fresh fruits and talk to your inner self and your brain trust GC (Glucose Club) you will get a reply and that too a positive one and your body will be slave to your commands and will do what you are telling it to do because it’s for its own betterment at the end of the day. Deprivation and shame are two very strong and powerful emotions or emotional triggers responsible for overeating. Remind yourself that all foods can fit into a healthy diet when you insist on balance eating and when you bal conscious eating with the enjoyment that you receive with eating for nourishment. It’s absolutely ok to give into the occasional craving and you know how to burn it even and when you are primarily eating home cooked food and exercising.

Thus abide by GC’s advisory that no matter what and when you eat the basic bottom line is to use and consume those calories and feel like a soft light feather and enjoy life as it comes without always getting worried about the calories just go ahead and eat whatever you want to but remember to burn it and maintain a input output index to live a healthy strong life with a healthy body supporting a healthy brain just love yourself from head to toe.

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