Gorge & Snack But When & What? [Part-5]

6. GLUTEN FREE IS A NO-NO – Don’t go gluten free the health of your gut is in the hands of gluten, cure stomach problems, and aid in reducing weight but also be wary about its side effects, it may also help fight heart diseases by lowering the levels of triglycerides in your blood stream and also aid in reducing the blood pressure and the cholesterol levels.

High gluten food products may also aid in giving you that fuller feeling and you will eat less. As for weight loss program gluten free diet may back fire. Many foods that are free of gluten are high in calories, fat and sugar than the wheat based versions, thus gluten protects and aids you in your weight loss program.

7. GET ACTIVE – Laziness and inactivity kills as many people as smoking does. Sedentary life style or long hours of sitting can shorten your life span as well, now a days it has become a bane to just sit on your desktop for long hours and then this vicious cycle goes on and on the ultimate outcome is very scary in the long run thus try to avoid this long tenure of seating in one place instead stand and stretch and stroll if possible after every 20-25 minutes.

Get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day or may be less but make it a genuine habit that physical activity in any form becomes a part and parcel of your day to day life like the other daily chores which you perform on a day to day basis. Don’t have to rely on any particular workout schedule or gym membership for that you can be active in any form may it be running to brisk walking with your pet, cycling, swimming, etc. You have to enjoy that workout schedule and not to be taken as any punishing regiment then only the results will be fulfilling and long lasting, you can dance sing or even work in your garden to wake up those muscles and trigger that metabolism switch go ahead and enjoy your workout.

to be continued…

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