The Importance of Oxygen & Breathing

The major correlation between any workout and energy levels is the oxygen, the basic and most vital component of life is oxygen. The food we eat also breakup to release oxygen which is the fuel of our body and to run its mechanism, the terms aerobic and anaerobic, combustion all is but related to this single word the oxygen.

Thus, the posture does play a major role here. The way we breathe it should be from deep within full inhalation of oxygen, lungs full not just superficial breathing or from mouth or throat. The way yoga supervises us to breathe the anulom-vilom part, the pranayam, etc. In day to day life every breath that we take should be enjoyed and inhaled from deep within, that’s the most precious thing that we can gift our only precious commodity our bodies.

Every time we run, walk or do any aerobic workout we should concentrate on our breath. And not just while working out but all the time and make it an honest habit and avoid shallow breathing. Breathing properly have multifaceted benefits, it also detoxifies our bodies. It rejuvenates our body from head to toe thus imparting us a better, healthy life with a positive aura towards every approach we make in our lives.

In other words when the smallest unit of our body the cells are healthy and happy our bodies will be healthy and happy. As the building blocks of our bodies are the cells so naturally when the roots are strong the tree is bound to be stronger and face all storms and tornados by just little bending but without breaking.

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