Hug A Tree…! [PART-2]

You can’t imagine how much oxygen a tree can provide us with reducing the CO2 emissions but increasing the levels of oxygen will surly provide all the benefit for a healthy body, keep our houses cool during this hot sultry summers thus reducing the carbon footprint from switching off the Air Conditioner’s which is not good for the bodies as well.

In any case just go for walks amidst the woods or whenever get a chance to drive the rustic areas nearby will enhance the stress coping levels of our bodies trees and plants just asks nothing but give us so many things in return anywhere a tree or a plant can be planted even I kept potted plants in my car as well.

Trees have all the photochemical to soothe you. Yoga, walking, running or any other type of activity must be done in the open surroundings preferably under the trees, it will at least nullify a little of carbon emissions as the artificial parks are also not far away from main cities which depletes the goodness of the exhaled oxygen from the trees, the window, sill, the small balconies, the small areas where ever you can find just ‘pot a plant’ it will give you so much in return and whenever possible ‘hug a tree’, talk to them, touch them, feel them, smell them, it will give so much more which will addict you forever just feel it once…

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