Handicapped Aren’t We??? [PART-2]

Then the other menace is the financial part, have we ever wondered how helpless or handicapped the poor feel when they don’t have enough money to get proper medical facility? Or not able to buy medicines? Or even their wards are not liable to get proper nutritional food or basic worth education? Or they can’t fulfill their dreams? What if in the villages early or childhood marriages are still prevalent over there the small girls feel handicapped or their souls are trapped and handicapped and they are bound to that for which they are not yet ready either mentally or physically! Many wants to get education but they are handicapped in the clutches of their society or the time.

Don’t you feel handicapped when we have got every bit at your one wink but what we don’t have is the bare necessity of say fresh air or proper drinking water then aren’t we handicapped? Then can money buy everything but how come you will buy oxygen to breathe and for how long that is also the question? The farmer has cultivated the land ready to sow seeds but in vain as there is no rain isn’t he handicapped? Sometimes I want to be at many places at the same time bit in vain again handicapped? I wanted to meet Mandela but in vain, want to climb Andes, touch the glaciers of Antarctica with my nose tip but in vain want to see the arctic lights no way, want to visit moon, no way so there are just in many ways I feel handicapped in one way or the other but I have found solutions to every bit of these problems in a different way I tend to climb the nearby mountains by my reach, touch the deep freezer with my nose with my eyes closed imagining it to be Antarctica, my huge bathtub becomes my pacific ocean but yes I know I will visit these places one day literally but for the time being I managed to help my senses this way and of course keep connected to different channels for a glimpse of all this art pieces made by nature, in the similar way the few disabled or specially abled people get to find out their way of doing things and of course in a much more productive way there are swimmers, mountaineers and in other sports as well who fetch gold medals and of course even if one can’t visit physically but I would surely recommend a must watch in TV the Paralympics, the sprints, the strides that they take is beyond imagination and there are many or most of the normal ones hardly think of taking a step or two not even for their workout, Stephen Hawking a living legend what would we think of him? On the contrary when a dying person is just asking for a gasp of one breath of fresh oxygen to be his last how handicapped that person might feel in this period of crisis?

There are colours and visions which we should see beyond our eyes, hear the sound beyond the audible limit, smell the ultimate, touch being our only tool or we have see the sounds and hear the colours to get the most of it? These god gifted people are not like us with every bit of our body intact sometimes we take it for granted as well then we make our bodies suffer through different high profile ailments like cholesterol, blood sugar, renal failure, obesity etc to name a few then aren’t we responsible for our own handicapped bodies? Not to mention the handicapped life style so don’t take things for granted the strength lies in us no outside strength is there to take our bodies and lives in their hands it us who make ourselves handicapped or specially abled or god gifted the choice is entirely ours… we can and would climb million mountains but the primary barrier lies in the upper storey if that barrier of thought process is not removed the indeed one is literally handicapped in the real sense and nothing just nothing can drag that person out neither their thought process…

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