Be Little With That Pickle! [PART-2]

It’s just the taste buds that comes on to play but empty calories does count even in India small children are send to schools with ‘achar paratha’ in their tiffin’s or to cut down on vegetables they gladly except the combination of pickle with plain ‘dal chawal’ or ‘chappati’ to enhance the taste not just in India plenty many preserved food items are very strong on salt content along with other preservatives which are nothing but one form of chemical or the other even ‘kimchi’ in Korea & China is also highly spiced along with loads of salt the other soft green vegetables like cucumber or any other green vegetables when stored in brine solution will lose its own sharp taste and the whole nutritive value will come out in the brine solution later so nothing is left but fibres and empty calories, so think twice before licking that pickle or avoid that excess oil with that extra punch of sodium…

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