The Great 2nd October… Or A Single Day For Cleanthon…! [PART-4]

4. Stop the population pollution – Isn’t this a menace that we keep on producing children but for what? Till the child is a child it’s okay but as soon as they ask for their rights raising their voice for the legitimate or try to do what they want to do then the whole scenario changes! Suddenly parents become the biggest enemy, other than the scarce living space, food even job opportunities, and then there is huge scarcity of all the basic amenities.

Isn’t it would be just living like a tadpole or so especially as GC has worked with many village projects people are really getting lazy each day due to entry of ‘mgnrega’ project in their lives the cost free food grains, the free basic education in which they are least interested they just go there in hunt for mid day meal, I request the government not to make them lazy by introducing these schemes which will provide them with more ‘ghutka’ or chewing tobacco the country liquor the ‘pauah’ the basic food and the real adventure of the process of producing children it should be a strict no no just travel an unreserved compartment from Bihar or say Uttar Pradesh you will then know why it’s as bad as living hell then why do we want to provide our children with such hell and as far as the name and fame or the genetic code of the family continues who knows after we leave this world that what is done to our names, where our hard earned money saved getting drained into some filthy channels there were many kings and emperors who made centuries as far as child producing marathon was concerned but was in no vain nobody knows where is the son or any distant relative of King Akbar is now living? Or in which condition or what has he done to the immense wealth then where do we stand? It’s just that to kill your present tense for the future which nobody has seen or know about then why spoiling the present tense? Just enjoy it, your life, your moment, leaving the rest behind, let children pave their own way and shine if they have the capability to do so then prove it! Many things will fall into place as soon as the population pollution gets checked… it will affect every stream of our lives thus resulting in a better today, rather than a worse tomorrow!

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