Onset Of ‘Devi Paksha’ With The Offset Of ‘Pitru Paksha’…! [PART-3]

But then we know every bit is related to the ultimate nature as we can correlate ourselves to nature through our ancestors which were near close to monkeys or apes, this theory is also supported by science as Darwin has proved it right then when we are celebrating each day for each god or goddess then why for our beloved ancestors? We have to dedicate these days differently! Why are we harming nature? As we know in India after death we surrender the body in the hands of mighty flames of fire then that ash is collected to be dipped in some holy river which ultimately goes into the ocean then from there the sea water gets evaporated turns in the form of rain or may be the water carrying the ashes of our ancestors goes and settles down in some plain areas thus forming the fertile delta before marrying into ocean then isn’t our ancestors are always with us in the form of different earth elements, in the form of some supernatural energies just everywhere around us enveloping and guiding us.

They are there in the form of sun, moon and stars or may be some particle of the ash may be deposited with the sand particles beneath our feet in some sea beach then are we disrespecting our elders? Now the question is when we pollute the rivers when all the affluent and other waste materials of the city gets drained into those rivers where our ancestors will go one day then are we doing justice to the departed soul? The relentless cutting of trees, the tree which once was under the soil got germinated may be irrigated by the rain water which may have the water of the same river where the holy ashes were dipped then how can we do such injustice to that tree? Where the feelings have vanished into thin air? We are raping our mother nature each moment not even taking the responsibility of it then how cool it is but I feel our mother nature is far more than our ancestor as it is bearing us and did the same with our fore fathers just carried us on her shoulders then how could we do something wrong to her? Isn’t that injustice to our forefathers? Who on earth knows that by doing some petty puja with those pot bellied pundits or priests feeding ‘puri halwa’ a deep fried bread along with semolina porridge could satisfy the forefathers even few feed the crows as well instead I feel to feed few hungry children would do much good rather than satisfying those priests or may be clean shaving ones head could do any better it may be a form of good hygiene practice but that’s all even when the elderly were alive we hardly show any respect now a day’s even if we do there are many such cases who love their elderly may be for their money or their house or may be last but not the least the hefty amount of pension then isn’t that love conditional or what then why a courteous melodrama even after death…

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