Are We Really Busy Or What??? [PART-10]

To make the matter worse our brains get occupied with the much awaited likes or the comments whether they are desirable or not is far more drenching thus occupying the upper storey for no good reason at all… added to the fact we but love saying ‘I am busy’ to everyone… a fad apart busyness is a sort of self serving indulgence we love to revel in all the world experts have started warning about the ill effects of this addiction that creep up silently and then suck us entirely, our brains get a dopamine boost whenever we experience something new so every time we get along with our Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or any other texting form we get a high which in the long term gets addicted bringing your life to a standstill then how come the feel good factor through idleness or nothingness as a feeling will not be easy to come or it would be just impossible to attain this tranquility. Actually the question arises ‘what are we afraid of?’, research have concluded that people are scared of doing nothing simply because it’s scary, people cannot take or face their own self have you ever seen yourself in the mirror gazing at your inner self talking to your soul there are countless people who cannot take this ordeal for a longer period of time when you are confronted with yourself then there is that sweet bitter face as every bit is not sunshine thus instead of rendering our thoughts wander off to the some hard questions…

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