The Eve Of New Year Or Borsho Boron (In Bengali It Means Welcoming The New Year)

GC has become a proud member playing the role of a sponsor in pushing the upcoming young artists staging a platform for the budding artists along with aiding the artisans who deal with local artifacts, and GC has traveled a long way crossing hard limits and the long journey that it undertook on its way (as the saga of the journey is very well visualized by the GC’s team in it’s new blog – The Engine And The Backpack, which deals entirely with all the dramatic turns, ups & downs about the engine which GC so badly wanted to acquire from day one and the dream turned reality, the birth of a new family member our loving Mammoth for more delightful, delectable, real on going actions taking one into visible reality a must read) it dealt with its motto of imparting smiles to the faces of young kids by distributing sweets and other edibles to small little children while crossing the villages on its way… even educating villages to stop cutting trees other than the dried out ones, to save water how to avoid rain water getting wasted by flowing out rather to harvest the rain water as much as possible, how to have safe drinking water and freshly cooked food, how to use the forest produce and benefit from it to the maximum, how to maintain hygiene especially for young kids and women folk, the importance of education especially educating a girl child, how to be self sufficient especially for girls to choose their path and decide what is right and wrong for them, to stop child marriage as that is not the end of this world and much many more…

The tiny tots with whom GC shared few eatables but a million dollar smile.



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