The Blue Sky!

Under this heading GC took one more step towards imparting smiles under the nomenclature of ‘blue sky’ and all little tiny tots being its shining stars, who knows quite all or may be one of them would be a polar star one day.


Drawing competition in progress…


It all germinated in the mind of founder & CEO of GC all the volunteers consented with this step of glory, making this Christmas a very commendably memorable one by setting up a drawing competition in the rich soil of ever shining laureate of all eras ‘SHRI RABINDRANATH TAGORE’ who could be more appropriate Santa than him, may his blessings be on all of us especially children, as GC even commences and follows many of his teachings and preachings even in today’s world, thus it took us to Shantiniketan the rich red land of BIRBHUM, the set up was fine, children did their very best, evening time was celebrated by chief guests from Kolkata and MP well known directors, artistes and sports persons highlighted the event, the children were even served nutritious snacks along with exhilarating gifts from Santa made their day bright and glorious hopefully they will remember the day for their whole lives as much as we will cherish it for our whole lives…

Santa showering his blessings to these great shining stars, after the completion of drawing…



May good fortune be with GC in the long run, so that we can organize and hold such beautiful events every now and then in the long run… with the grace of all mighty GOD and our beloved GOPUJI…

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