The Natural Spiritual Farming!

Farming, farming, farming, we all are accustomed to this word, but then the million dollar question arises of which type of farming? The natural way is the answer to it, forests across the world grow products without any chemical and exogenous nutrients. Zero budget natural farming refers to the concept of farming through which the production costs are nil for all plants. It is premised on the belief that all things required for the growth of a plant are available around its geotropic zone and that is the root zone.

There are instances where it has been investigated and reportedly found that farmers from different parts of the world or in India may it be Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh or Punjab people or so as to say eco-friendly farmers are practicing ,this magical practice of farming which is very much in the eco-friendly format of farming or the spiritual farming. They are preparing special potions and even going for Vermicompost for better yield along with maintain the ecological balance of the nature. The special potions may include mixing of gram powder, jaggery, Neem leaf powder, green chilies, garlic not for lunch but for their farm, for the last several years farmers have been sprinkling this mixture on their crops to keep away the farmers their worst enemy the pests, even farmers prepare cowdung based fertilizers for their paddy and sugarcane farming.

Thus they don’t play with the delicate ecological balance neither do they disturb the soft delicate ph of the soil, thus maintaining its fertility at its utmost or in other places if farmers have used chemical fertilizers to render hard core crop production, it may have yielded a little much more but rendering in return a very futile soil quality which makes it barren for the next on coming years for its production, it does not even have the capacity to hold water which gives it a very granular deserty sand like texture where rooting of any plant plant is just next to impossible…

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