Imprisoned By Textbooks Or School Education! [Part-6]

By drawing sharp boundaries and creating elaborate categories of knowledge and then collapsing this complexity in to narrative form that is very much fragmented and sequential, the typical textbook knowledge makes the knowledge , independent of the questions that gave rise to it in the first stage. The subject and the material are then transmitted for their own sake, rather than as an outcome of an enquiry.

This is further complicated by the concept of syllabus, the syllabus accords an arbitrary slash of you being to vast sectors of a subject, for students the glee of finding that something is not in the syllabus is matched only by the haste with which that little patch of knowledge is deleted from the memory, if at all such an event has accidentally occurred, working backwards from what is needed at examination, the student is interested in what he needs to know, how much he/she needs to know, how much she/he needs to study that chapter, what chapter in which books she/he needs to remember in other words how much knowledge is required to escape more knowledge or how much bookish knowledge is required to escape each class or semester system to come out with high flying colours, then knock door to door hunting for a job or begging for it or may be some partial relationship will gift you with the much needed job to satisfy and pacify all this acquired knowledge that one have gathered in this long educational curriculum, the long journey ceases there itself, the crave for more knowledge diminishes that very moment.

If we detach ourselves a little bit from the naturalness with which we regard the idea of education and the way we are taught, or what knowledge is imparted by the educators how it is secured and deleted from the brains of the upcoming scholars is really but deadly shocking, pupil are forgetting the so called bookish knowledge of the previous year’s taught in their classes but the feeling of omni-knower personality predominates which is very heart wrenching as the students know how much is required and that they are acquiring that knowledge just for the sake of a white collared job which when they fail to secure plunge into utter depression in a nut shell, thus the whole life culminates in to lethal dark hole which is hard to revive from there, so we should be mentally prepared what, which how all the telltale questions to be satisfied before acquiring any knowledge, knowledge should be in its purest form as knowledge only, not just a mandatory routine we need to have the courage to break those stereo type rules and mundane routines, those stereotypical orthodox education system which is a real menace.

If we think afresh and start anew we will explore and find out the devastating truth that what a scandal that education is??? we would be really horrified at that realistic perception and find outs. We have all read textbooks of many subjects for many years and yet even after ten years or even a short tenure of two years is enough to erase that knowledge or may be after having learnt all this, few could claim to having retained anything meaningful from most of the text books we poured in so assiduously over…

to be continued…

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