Imprisoned By Textbooks Or School Education! [Part-2]

By Jove the question starts from early in the morning, no not for any emergency but at war level the quaint essential process of collecting the admission forms takes place then the punishing act of interview, the admission process the most cumbersome of all & the bottom line how old is the kid just 2 or maximum 2 & half but what an ordeal that poor being has to go through, he/she doesn’t even know properly how to speak or stammer in few words all those kiddish stuff are left behind just one push you have to go through this ordeal, you have to succeed you have to earn an hefty amount but do we as parents ever stress on & declare my child you have to be a good human being first of all rest is secondary, Why do we always see success by the parameters of few currency notes? Why can’t we provide the liberty to that child? Do what you want to, be yourself, play swim climb a tree smudge yourself in sand or muddy poodle, just run & have fun, why can’t we stop imposing ourselves on that poor kid? Letting that kid breathe a gasp of fresh & free air, give a free life without any hindrances or setting down our own goals upon that tiny tot, why can’t we give that toddler sometime atleast to make their own body balance know things by themselves, let them be with nature, read colourful story books enhancing their imagination to newer heights, learning colours, words, different shapes, talk to them voraciously instead of hiding your face behind any idiotic mobile or desk top doing some app or face Opps fake book, but ignoring the time that we should spend with that tot instead we try to transfer all our responsibilities unto the hands of schools, the school bus which will get rid of their burdens just early in the morning till mid day the crime that you are a child & you will do whatever your parents might ask you to do for no reason at all, it’s kind of dictatorship in one word, there are children plenty many which GC has come across during its counseling sessions that they sleep in the bus, doze in class room, don’t feel like coming to school the fault just that you are a kid even with fever or some other infection children are downloaded at the door steps of these high profile schools as attendance will make a difference between life and death or my child will be left behind in this competitive world, but how ridiculous just one day can stop your child from being that extra genius then surely parents are in a very much insecure world of materialistic stuff first get rid of that insecurity…

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