What’s The Strongest Machine? – Needle To Engine, Nerves or Iron, Nut To Jet

Vishwakarma Puja or Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma day as it has been commonly called as and its celebrated with much gala and flavour by everybody but especially by the artisans, carpenter, architectures, mechanics or the machinery part or that wing of any industry where machinery or heavy machines plays a major role, the smiths, the welders and all other workers who deal with iron and machines in some way or the other and mechanics is a part and parcel of engineering division without which things in any locomotive or automotive sector will come to halt. In huge factories, industries locomotive and automobile sheds and now a day’s even the electronic gadgets and all other fabulous gadget makers or users mark this day as an auspicious one and celebrate as a mark of reverence day by this huge sector of people.

All getting their final makeovers & ultimate hairdo.

In different factories like OFK (Indian Ordnance Factories) Khamaria, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh India, VFJ (Vehicle Factory Jabalpur), GCF (Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur), arms and ammunitions factory in Ichapur, OLF (Opto Electronics Factory), OFD (Ordnance Factory Dehradun) and all other huge units has been seen celebrating this festival with the zeal and enthusiasm so as to maintain and improve thereby increasing their production thus aiding our country with their services. Celebrations are carried on with the proper puja of an idol of lord Vishwakarma and then Prashad is distributed, in few places kites are also flown, the whole day continues with this valour and festivity mood.

In accordance with Hindu mythology as per Rig Veda lord Vishwakarma is regarded or called as the divine architecture, divine carpenter, and he is believed to be the outcome of one of the precious fourteen outcomes during the Samudra Manthan process. Even it is believed the city of Dwarka this divine place where Shri Krishna ruled has also been constructed by lord Vishwakarma, many other divine weapons are also made by him. Mayasabha of the Pandavas was also created by him, fabulous weapons as mentioned in Rigveda is created with Sthapalya Veda(the science of mechanics and architecture). UP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Karnataka in general all over India it is celebrated equally with same joyous flavor.

Glucose Club took its step ahead and went to find out the making of this lord and countless number of Vishwakarma lords were all lined up in the workshop of artist Shobhunath Pal and now his son Tarak Pal from Barrackpore Kolkatta, he is also into the making of Ma Durga the epitome of Shakti, where Glucose Club had a one on one talk with the cluster of people who are into the making of this divine craftsmanship, they even showcased many problems as usual ranging from poverty to poor management of resources which Glucose Club will try to aid these bunch of people from time to time.

Artist taking major care to impart that lively effect.

Meticulous Colouring and decoration with different articles were going on to impart a finished look and as every Indian mythological figure has a conveyance of their own ranging from rat to lion, peacock, duck, here the animal is elephant on which lord Vishwakarma has been throned on. Even a group of society is named after this lord the Vishwakarma Samaj or society, the car and artisans from different branches fall into this. Thus we conclude may long live this practice of paying respect to even our weapons and gadgets whom we work with and take care of them, this way the overall maintenance of the automobiles and other big/small machines is taken care off as well long live this touching gesture.


Even Glucose Club is paying respect to all the things made out of iron or anything which will help our lives to run smooth and hassle free even to a small needle but why will we leave our brains as it’s the most complicated machinery that ever existed and the promoter and mother of all other machines or gadgets it’s in the brain that any first seed of invention germinates and it’s not made out of iron but made up of infinite white/grey matter along with infinite nerve cells the neurons which is far more strong, malleable and ductile than any other metal that ever existed and of course the body of human being it’s such a complicated machine almost tough to understand its dos and don’ts and all made up of cells much enormously stronger than iron or any other metal. Thus Glucose Club as usual will take a step ahead in further pointing out the utmost need of taking care of our own machines our minds and bodies as well not just on this auspicious day but every day and every moment.

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