This is a entirely new venture of GC, keeping in mind the upgradation of the artisans, handloom workers and all those people who are related to these handmade and other related INDIAN artistry who work so hard to meet their ends, which is getting tougher each day it’s our responsibility also to join hands with these people and eradicate the syndicate of those agents who act as middle man and take a hefty amount for the promotion of these markets ranging from KANTHA STITCH, KHES MATERIAL, PATTCHITRA DRAWINGS BASED ON MYTHOLOGICAL STORIES DRAWN ON CLOTH WITH VEGETABLE DYES, BATIK PRINTS, TANT OR COTTON SAREES, ARTEFACTS MADE FROM MERE BAMBOO SLICES TO TERRACOTA, CLAY, many more decorative but useful things all made out of biodegradable materials thus keeping in mind our ecosystem.

All the finances would be straight handed over to these needy people as an incentive to preserve our Indian culture and tradition through their work, for their children’s education, nutrition, health or any other emergency work.

People come join hands with GC believing in ‘ONE GLOBE ONE FAMILY UNIT’, making the lives of other people little bit comfortable although they are not in any blood relationship with any one of us but we are one through the fist of humanity and love that is a much stronger relationship than blood relationship as nothing would be taken for granted or nothing would be relationship biased but remember at the end of the day we are all one having the similar kind of structure of bones, muscles and blood, and ultimately getting our last solitude in the lap of mother nature.

Please you globe trotters help the needy and feed a morsel of food to an orphan child and feel the difference and see and feel the difference that it would make in your life and their lives as well.

So come out of your cocoons and feel and breathe the world by extending hands to the needy selflessly…

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