Why Are We So Desperate To Kill Our Rivers…! [PART-3]

Yes, I mean the rivers and of course we can’t leave everything in the hands of municipality or throw everything on the shoulders of the local government. Then what we are busy!, may be in just producing more of children as I think Indian men find that workout to be the most productive one but then what good just the fusion of sperm and ova enough to generate a zygote but isn’t the environmental conditions and other co related factors responsible for the growing zygote in an healthy atmosphere to turn in to an healthy individual but even they get proper birth but are we rendering them a healthy atmosphere safe drinking water or breathable oxygen, unpolluted green to eat or healthy protein no none of the above we are just doing our duty in producing and reproducing more but not more than that we are gifting our progeny the not to mention oxygen mask the most important gift others being in the queue namely the poisonous water the polluted or the carcinogenic fruits and vegetables the unhealthy life style as parents have become utterly sedentary they will also not do the efforts of taking their children to any playground until and unless if that child wants to be a specific sports person in any reputed sports as cricket is the most pious sports in India financially otherwise sports is just a waste of time or people start going to walks or workout only when life threatening disease knocks at the door and doctor advises it… ok not to divert but is it real diversion or all the chains are interrelated, but similarly NOT just rivers but we are polluting and killing everything, not just rivers…

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