The strength Of Being Alone…By Choice…! [PART-3]

One could be so beautiful, loving, secure when we leave that insecurity of losing people are so insecure about losing is beyond words, they buy cars to keep it as an acquired object as if in museum, they leave the glass ware and ornaments untouched but if something is not used in present tense but then how come it is going to make our future beautiful?

In India people say after me my generation would relish it but isn’t this feeling comes your way when we destroy Mother Nature inch by inch? We are raping her, the habits which we are inculcating in our progeny that I think makes a whole lot of difference, not just the materialistic stuff but alas people are not concerned about their breath! Can we adhere on to our breaths if we want to the problem here is quite diplomatic and dilemmatic, when we say we are made up of ‘star dust’ then aren’t we surrounded by our ancestors all the time? Then when are we alone? Our ancestors, all our organs our best friends, all the elements of nature surrounds and envelopes you all the time no matter what but then it is much better to be surrounded by a bunch of positive energies rather than surrounded by people who are nothing but bunch of negative energy pack, what if we keep ourselves surrounded by our own thoughts and action which we will take in the coming moments to make our life a much more happier one and try to make Earth a better dwelling place and raise your voice from further destruction.

Can’t we listen to the whispers of nature, what the breeze murmurs in your ear but people don’t have any time to listen to that but it will make you hear itself one day it will have its own ‘ultimate say’ if not today then tomorrow then who says one is alone? When there are so many things to get entwined with and enjoy your life to the fullest thus enjoying the solitude companionship with own one self, meditating in you for yourself as life is too short to get into others life… enjoying every moment with your heart and soul…

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