The strength Of Being Alone…By Choice…! [PART-2]

But the crux of the saga is we are or should be our best buddies to ourselves first as I will ‘love others’ generously when I will ‘love myself’, when ‘I am happy’ to the core then I will make ‘others happy’ genuinely not fake happiness but happiness of the ‘inner soul’ our best friends could be my own heart, brain, and other crucial organs, it is when I take care of theses I will be healthy thus preaching others to be healthy and happy similarly not just dying for few likes on that pouting mouth by my known people.

When we say friends list on Facebook, are they really friends or just I know them by name? Or just click them for the sake of huge numbers of friends on my friends list but the question that should be asked is – Are we really our own friend first then comes others? Have you ever felt your heart beat or the taste of your trickling sweat? Have you ever worked out alone not in just any cramped up gym but in the woods running all alone by your side? A mountain spring follows you continuously humming on your ears ‘yes, you can do it!’ or the wind gushing through the top of the trees, the rustle of the leaves under your feet aren’t they your friends when you are running? Isn’t your heart supporting your oxygen supply isn’t that your friend? Your legs, your knees and all the other supporting staff of our body along with the air enveloping around you the path where you are treading your feet all just all are my friends! The blue sky, the black night sky studded with innumerable stars, the clouds, the rains all but all are my friends, not just human beings!

When I see the world each and every insect, all the microorganisms, all the flora and fauna are but my friends! They will not do any harm to me for selfish reasons other than just human beings… one should always spend moment with one self-talking, singing, laughing, exploring your capabilities all by yourself and only for yourself not answerable to anyone, take long walks in the woods could be a magnificent way to explore yourself and all the possible guts that you have to stand all alone just by yourself and for yourself sing to you, you will find immense joy, smile, laugh and giggle at all the simple things in life, life could be so beautiful that way if one spends much time in self-indulgence exploring oneself demanding newer heights to conquer and do all the different things every day then you will know still how many stones are to unturned to reveal what’s lying underneath…

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