Plasticated DNA… We Have…! [PART-2]

Each and every morning begins with plastic – the toothbrush, the razors, the buckets, what to spare?, every bit is but plastic! I think it won’t be easy to dislodge the micron monster that has now coiled intricately into our DNA strands, the zealous government enthusiasts declare the ban on plastic when one fine morning the sun is shining high and up bright but is that so simple? We get marooned every time by monsoon deluges, we get submerged in water only in these two months or so but all day year around we get submerged in the immense ‘ocean of polythene’! The monsoon will go away but will the plastic fade away from our lives?

I think in India every ban is pretty much symbolic other that the ‘demontisation’ story where lives came into halt with a jerk but other bans are taken quite reluctantly which then makes it hard to know and understand what is ban and what is running? We keep on struggling to know what is on ban and what is exempted or on what GST applies, the things are not very transparent other that the ban on those poor notes which is strict as anything I wish the bans on other things would have been little more stencher and strict. There is plenty of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, everyone confused what is degradable or non-biodegradable but millions are spent on trash collection with laughable vehicles going around, with loud music being played upon, but are our people so ignorant not to decide what is good and what is bad? Or the question all relies on how to deal with reuse of plastic?…

Then the million dollar startups would or will they vanish as mythical unicorns, what will happen to home delivery systems that are so very mushrooming in India, the carry away or take away containers, what will happen to them? Will they compromise on anything else and of course people treasure those containers as the biggest findings of their lives. I think our great parents and great-grandparents are much well off with their home-cooked meals or stainless steel tiffin’s solved the purpose now a day’s knowingly even that this plastic container is harmful to children, seldom it is seen children carrying steel tiffin boxes! Plastic water bottles, plastic ball pens, the playing gadgets are plastic coated; the whole life revolves around plastic! We are in the habit of leaning towards so much of artificial things that we ourselves are now artificial…

1 thought on “Plasticated DNA… We Have…! [PART-2]”

  1. Thanks for awareness. प्लास्टिक के उपयोग कम करने को सभी को व्यक्तिगत रूप से प्रयास करना चाहिये I हम सदैव एक बड़ा बैग साथ में रखें , फल , सब्जी आदि पोलिथीन बैग में न लें , अपने बैग में ले तो यह एक छोटा सा प्रयास भी पोलिथीन का उपयोग कम कर सकता है I हम सदैव ऐसा ही करते हैं I

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