Females Prayed And Preyed Upon…!

Sometimes or say most of the time, I am in dilemma or maybe I wonder whether what we shout and yell for feminism or female rights. The fight for every bit – for equal rights, for education, for proper food and nutrition, at least in Asian communities, a female child is given less to eat or less nourishment is provided to her. The legitimate reason being to delay the secondary sexual characters or to suppress the desires which can ruin a girl’s life but why isn’t it applicable in a boy’s teenage journey? Why is that he is legalized to go and explore the terrains to any extent and then call him to be ‘super virgin’ but alas now a day’s majority of the teenaged crowd looks more to me as ‘super mutant human beings’ or to be precise ‘ninja turtles’, everything just disproportionate out of shape, out of order not just physically but mentally as well but anyways leaving aside the next progeny part we were talking about the ‘equality part’, then why do we have to talk separately about us or the fairer sex or the females? Why do we need separate seats in bus or separate compartments in metro?, even then is the crime coming down to any extent or is it igniting the fire more and more. Why do we need separate ‘quota’ just for everything? Why can’t we regarded just as human beings no matter whether it’s a boy or a girl and more so ever even we have to empower some sex then it should be ‘xx chromosome’ the reason being very simple as they are the carriers of ‘xy chromosome’ or to sum it up it’s a female who carries the male in her pious womb…

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