Females Prayed And Preyed Upon…! [PART-2]

There is the dubbed voice of segregation everywhere in politics, in education, in property, just everywhere and if the few strong females dare to raise their voice they are considered not sober, they are supposedly the symbol or synonyms of outlaws or they are the only ‘pack of cells’ who are willingly ruining the name and fame of the family, but what’s our fault? Neither am I asking for any extra round of applause for being ‘women’ whether it is good or bad, the exaggerated applause for the sex who deserves it whether man or woman.

In Asian communities we celebrate the phenotypic existence of power in the form of many different Devi’s like ‘Durga’ and ‘Kali’ as power packed duo but the other female deities may range from ‘Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganga ,Narmada’ and many million other types to name a few then how do we manage this double standards? We are worshipping the female power then manipulating the same power too but the truth of the matter as interpreted by me is that in the phenotypic expression of those deities even the male counterpart lies at her feet as for the case of goddess ‘Durga’, she has been depicted as been dominating the demon ‘Mahishasur’ for his ill deeds, he died at her feet asking for forgiveness, the other format of ‘Durga’ is ‘Kali’ where one can see lord ‘Shiva’ to be lying down under her feet, the reason is to pacify her, but another diplomacy is also seen when the demons overpowered the lords of the heaven, the gods got scared and asked a female power to stand for their rescue, oh well how impossible!, then where were their strength vanished into thin air or what, ‘Kali’ was allocated the job of killing ‘Raktabija’, the demon whose each drop of blood gave birth to another demon or his prototype, why then so many humongous number of gods could do the job successfully why again a female power?… that’s a beautiful contradiction I believe…

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