RNT – The Immortal, Progressive & Unforgettable Saga…!

Immortal RNT is our beloved ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ who is always breathing in our hearts.

Well as per the English calendar ‘7th May’ or as per Bengali calendar its ‘9th May’ when our beloved Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday is celebrated through a whole lot of pomp and glamour by singing dancing on his composed poems, songs and dance dramas which are called ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ and ‘Rabindra Nritya’ respectively but is it just ‘one day’ when his birthday is celebrated? Or he is present in ‘us’ every moment?

As far as I am concerned he is ‘everywhere’, ‘everyday’ around ‘us’, we can feel him, smell him, touch him through his songs and dances as his songs and writings are very overwhelmed with the essence of ‘nature’, beaming with ‘natures beauty’, if one happen to read his compositions it would be as watching a movie as one can usually visualize his writings as he is so clear about his ‘thought process’, the way he depicts nature, the sky, the blooming flowers, the green trees, the chirping birds and what not you name it you have it one can easily get in touch with the ‘galore of nature’ just by reading his poems and other writings, thus through his writings, his ‘progressive thought process’ he is ‘everywhere’ immaterial of any age group as his compositions are meant to address all age groups and people coming from all walks of life no matter how rich or poor you are in his view all are equal and one that oneness goes beyond the realms of ‘materialistic world’ but far beyond where no horizon could be seen thus through his songs, his poems he is just ‘everywhere’.

It can guarantee you one thing for sure that you are not ‘alone’ and his ‘divine presence’ is always with ‘us’ no matter what as if you listen and sing that famous song “Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu Na Ase Tobe Ekla Chalo…” which means ‘if nobody answers your call or comes with you then move ahead all alone…’ but I extended to a different level that ‘no one is alone as their shadow, heart and soul is always there to be a part of their physical existence’ and of course the ‘good thought process’ always stands with a person or shall I say that’s the ‘only and utmost thing’ that stands with a person…

Mostly all the compositions are richly derived and inspired by nature – the colours and all the different flavours which can inspire our ‘inner soul’, to elevate the ‘inner core’ of a person there are compositions which he got inspired during the period of ‘independence movement’, the revolts can be freshly tasted in his compositions made during that period of time when we were fighting for ‘independent India’ how to awake a sleeping community for their rights which they very rightly deserved…

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