The Rama Navami Or The Chaitra Navratri…!

Glucose Club has taken the initiation of doing or organizing these festive moves also not stressing on the blocked mindset of idol worship but also that of the supernatural ‘positive energy’ or the ‘positive aura’. GC thinks that energy is needed to be cultivated by people not any ‘blind superstitious belief’ but to nurture that ‘positive energy’ in our hearts and soul so that we can live and attain a life of ‘self contentment’ and a very ‘self sustainable life’ depending only on the ‘inner self’ and believing in the ‘inner soul’ as it is very well known globally ‘Ma Durga’ as the goddess is commonly known to possess the ‘powers to destroy all negativity and nurture positivity’.

The major role of these festivals are only to uphold the reality of ‘victory of good over the bad’ and GC believes strongly that if we can worship women power twice a year as ‘Chaitra Navratri’ and another one as ‘Shardiya Navratri’ the names coined according to the seasons then how can we kill females or abort just when they are just a bunch or cluster of cells ready to undergo metamorphosis?… How can we be so brutal? But then that’s just the superstitious belief!!! So this time GC took over the religious act of providing ‘bhandara’ to different people no matter of which caste or creed just in the hope of cultivating ‘positive energy’ and bring peace and tranquility to the lives of people no matter what… as in India we all chant the mantras during ‘puja’ at the concluding ceremony also we all say together ‘JAI MATA DI’…

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