Hug A Tree…!

Ah what a sigh of relief you would feel when you ‘hug a tree’ is beyond words or any kind of expression, it is such a feeling that you would desire for more and more and gradually get addicted to it very badly just touch the ‘bark of a tree’ you can see miracles happening.

The sensitive leaves will impart a silky smooth touch on your lips when you smooch them as I always lick and touch and smooch those beautiful leaves and flowers, have the terrible addiction of hugging the huge trees and yes they respond back tremendously they caress you from tip to toe their fragrance has those medicinal soothing healing freshness that no deodorant or room freshener can provide you with as I can guarantee on that as my house nestles among the different flora and fauna, my rooms filled with all the divine fresh aroma of the leaves and the flowers they have such soothing properties like stress relievers, mood enhancers, soul lifters.

All the goodness that one could ask for you will get from trees and plants is uncountable it is so very surreal but people are relentlessly killing their best buddies! I can assure one thing in this whole world they are the ones who are going to stand with us when we need them the most now it’s high time we start to listen the ‘cries of nature’ or it would be too late for us to do anything then nature will do and act or take vengeance to all the ill dos which we did unto her taking back all that we have destroyed for our own benefit.

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