The Talking Rocks…! [PART-2]

Whenever a stone or a pebble is in your palm just feel its pulse, look at its shape, might depict something or some weird or a very known shape or figure it will speak to you in murmurs but one need to have the ear to hear it! The sensitivity, the honesty, the untold stories it has in its store and geologically a few million years is regarded as just yesterdays story never told the process of its formation the crater from which it has erupted in its ‘molten state’ or which river has sedimented it or the forces that has ‘metamorphosed’.

It may be thousands of million years ago but it is as old as young formations who all has plenty million tales untold then the crafted rocks of famous monuments that were handcrafted toiled with the sweat of many craftsmen they are not living today but their buddies are with whom they worked together must have heard the echoing sounds of so many defeats the yelling of the ‘kith and kins’ of the departed souls the joyous cheers of victory and so on and so forth I find the pillars and the walls to be talking whenever I visits these famous palaces or forts they are the ones who will stand the lapse of time as they are immortal.

But alas people don’t even look or gaze at a stone or rock or just touch it even carelessly and listen to its heartbeat but they are ones who are going to survive no matter what there…

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