MC, BC And Stuff… Actually What Annoys…!

Now a day’s especially in India I am really baffled by the question actually what really annoys us now a day’s well if you ask me frankly speaking it could range from futile topics like a simple road rage, any movie will get the moment into such hyper mode of intolerance the hyper active ‘Karni Sena’ or some molesting ‘baba’ or say some other issue or may be how many surgeries was done by a deceased soul of our film industry?

Now tell me one thing the count on her surgeries would make her alive or console her family or will get you 100 dollars each for the perfect number of count? Or the ‘Queen Padmavati’ aroused all the sleeping national patrons out of their deep slumbers? Or the hullabaloo of ‘valentine’s’ day got the much needed temperature rise or the one and only poor ‘women’s day’? Why just one day is assigned for the poor section isn’t it ‘male chauvinism’? Or does that mean in any way the rest of the ‘364 days’ would be ruled and empowered by the stronger sex ‘the male’ or so as to say ‘the tigers’ guuurrrrrr… but you know what the real hunters are the ‘female pack’ who hunts and does all the basic chores of a day to day life. The lion is just the nominal head only good enough to transfer the ‘sperms’ to carry on the pedigree, then the ‘water crisis’, the ‘fees problem’ in the private schools, the ‘helmet annoyance’ and what not so! Ohhh not to recall those black days of demonetization…

The point here is I ask myself sometimes what actually annoys us the most or it is just a phenotypic expression of that annoyance which comes out verbally from our mouths in the form ‘Hindi abusive words’ but surprisingly all related to ‘females’! The feminine part is soooo loveable for our henpecked ‘Indian tigers’! I never knew that why can’t we blurt out some names of bitter vegetables or odd looking vegetables or some hot spicy chili? Let the impression or the feeling be the same on the word but please for heaven’s sake don’t bring a female while blurting out those filthy stuff from your mouth. Why why it has to be only women why not males?

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