MC, BC And Stuff… Actually What Annoys…! [PART-2]

Why on a very little puke people start using ‘obscene language’ to portray their masculinity?, even such small topics like ‘weather change’ or any ‘political turmoil’ can arouse us, the most scintillating topic is also ‘T-20’ people are not so worried about their ‘health or wealth’ or think twice about their family but bidding of the players were all in the tip of their tongue as the players are representing them or will share few bucks with them and any turmoil during the match say fielding or bowling analysis those words are bound to come! The tolerance of people have risen so much so that a single drop of anything out of the rut could ignite fire with those fuelling words but they are least concerned about more productive topics…

But then mother nature is also considered to be female nurturing us taking care of us but then we blame her the wombs of our carriers are no exception as well but then people keep in mind their mothers and even yell before the cat fight starts ‘Don’t you dare abuse me by these names!’, but then how partial your mother is your mother but ‘was my mother a pro?’ that you can call her by any name waiting at traffic signals are such stressful moments for people as if they are going to catch the first flight to moon but really we need to think and rethink this topic of abusing.

‘Why can’t we divert that negative energy into something positive?’, say about going for a ‘boxing ring’ or go few ‘sit-ups’ or a ‘straight run’ with high intensity strides. The problem here is to ‘channelize the stored energy’ which is not happening now a days instead we are depending on ‘technology’ getting ‘disconnected with the real world’. To add this chaps there are ‘apps’ which can get you ‘green grocery’ and other things as well. But then ‘what are we going to do?’ just sit at home, order things, eat and then again repeat while fidgeting with our smart phones.

The ‘smart phones’ are getting smarter and we getting dumber each moment. We need to analyze and control these ‘annoying moments’, it’s in our hands thus demotivating ourselves from the ‘negative’ to far more ‘positive arenas of life’ as nothing is constant or go forever will come to halt invariably but the irony is ‘why do we waste our precious energy and time in blurting out our brains into drain?’ ‘think cool be super cool’… which was there even Before Christ (BC) and will stay the same way even after AD (After Death) and by the MC ‘the Mercy of the almighty Christ’… as god, allah, Christ are but one positive energy working in unison…

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