The Pseudo Us…! [PART-2]

We poor we limit ourselves to the knowledge of history textbooks other than garlanding few patriots but don’t know anything about others! Millions of them died for mere Independence but are we really independent? Or do we deserve to be Independent? Or do we have the guts to speak our mind out? Or its just for name sake we are Independent as already said how many of our patriotic Indians know the difference between ‘Republic Day’ and ‘Independence Day’ but be sure we pretend to know everything nothing just nothing we leave from the sheer boundaries of our fathomless knowledge or it should be knowledge… but then why don’t we wear our plain crisp ‘dhoti kurta’ as our office attire? Why we feel proud in wearing trousers shirts and a tight tie on our necks reminding every time the nook used to hang our Indians by those Britishers? On the contrary in Indian subcontinent climate it’s hard to bear those kind of attire which locks us from every bit we find ourselves breathless but if we compare fresh crisp cottons cladding our bodies it would be way more comfortable but yes noticeably Indian men take great pride in wearing ‘white pajamas’ or clad themselves in multicoloured lungi’s depicting their wild moods may be and ofcourse the airy part but why are we so ashamed to wear these Indian clothing’s in public?

Just have confided it into the corners of our bedrooms be the real you not to copy, similarly cotton sarees are way too comfortable over those synthetic ones but yes they are easy to manage but the cottons speak for themselves from comfort to elegance as well as we will promote our artisans as well highlighting the real Indian treasure in clothing…… in matrimonial ceremonies also people prefer wearing these western outfits or at least the Indian ones with a westernized tones but why it is so tough to adore in a simple saree or a dhoti?

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