Education or Knowledge…!

What is the best way to describe knowledge just a matter of few hard board white scribbled bunch the so called ‘certificates’ but just null and void with any syllable of the word which says loudly that ‘Yes, I know this!’ and I nurture the thirst to know and crave for more have hunger for more or so as to sum up those ‘certificates’ define me and my depth of knowledge I know I have paid this much amount which makes me eligible for this much amount which is scribbled on the certificate and that’s it there my knowledge is marked by those certified bunch of papers…

But then the question arises about the knowledge of that particular person who is handing over the ‘certificates’ of the candidate! Now the query is or who dares to ask the director, dean or the principal of any particular college or institute although politely but staunchly ‘Sir, may I know your specialization subjects?’ or to be straight enough ‘Sir what’s your educational background or qualification?’

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