Education or Knowledge…! [PART-2]

But we poor Indians are hard core ‘people pleaser’ and polite then it would be regarded as impolite as to ‘How dare some student is asking the qualifications? My qualifications? Doesn’t he know who am I? I am the owner!’ Then few of those paid servants of his will hoist his flag high just defending him what difference will that make if a single student is not getting admitted in my college just a matter of few thousands that will not come in this semester but at least the erupting lava has been stopped on time otherwise that student would have evoked a fire igniting the sleeping souls to know more about the reality as there are many a directors, deans, vice chancellors of private colleges who were just farmers owing huge acres of land or they were lucky enough to be born in the families of those fathers who inherited humongous amount of property!

So the best way to keep finances rolling in India is either to form a school followed by a college, also selling ‘degrees’ for no huge amount of fees charged! Now a days the B Tech colleges are mushrooming like anything, a duplex or a small building can be a it college in no time at all may be the affiliated recognition are sold out as per the bidding and there you are going to be a aspiring new techie, then the placement stuff is also a made up story or if you are a studious student from that same college you will be the faculty staff of the same college. The schools & the colleges selling the ‘degrees’ but who knows or cares to know the educational background of the faculty or principal himself!

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