Conceal, Remove Repeat…!

Well the other day I was listening and enjoying a programme called ‘Poetist’ and ‘Queens of Comedy’ there I came across this phrase and it took me over about what is this ‘Conceal Remove Repeat’ concept is all about why is that people are so taken up with concealing or covering up things the concealment or real them about what they really are?

It’s not just limited to the makeup part but also elongates it to the thought process which in return the other different aspect of lives their own life and also the lives of other people who all are related to them… well as far as the superficial make up is concerned Indian women are really obsessed with it but alas it’s the upper most layer what matters actually is the inner deep inside about what you are from deep within what if I don’t polish my nails with some luminous shade or don’t outline my lips with that dark red lipcolour or even don’t wax my feet or arms.

What actually what difference will that make internally? How it’s going to change the real you or your soul? Or how it’s going to affect my thought process? It’s just that may be what others might think about me but then who constitutes the others or the so-called ‘society’? Its no one but me and me and who cares even for such a ‘pseudo society’ when it’s not good for anything just appt enough for criticism even when you are right and even when you are wrong oh yes then they have no reason to criticize your deeds but not you I wish people criticized just the deeds and not the person and I am not saying this alone bible has said it… there is always an obsession regarding this ‘makeup aunty’ who is never satisfied with the way I look or anyone looks why just no one comments on you should be fit from inside as well all the vital organs and parts are there within enveloped in that longest organ the skin and yes people are not really bothered about the full skin regarding nourishing or hygiene the only concern is the facial appearance till neck but a real glowy skin is the actual makeup then who cares about what others think and the real glow will come from what we think and what we do about us and others…

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