The Uttarayan Or The Makar Sankranti Fiasco…! [PART-2]

Being a celestial body if planets, Sun, Moon can have these changes and of course the gravitational pull between them and the earth can entirely topple our lives; why can’t we have an Uttarayan of our brains or the thought process? Why can’t we have a better edge over our thought process? Why can’t we think to have a similar kind of symmetry between all the hydrosphere, stratosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere and of course the biosphere where we do the vicious act of destroying everything just manipulating every bit from head to toe dying for a single breath of fresher oxygen, a glass of fresh good water but all this has been done by us only!

We need to get up from our deep slumbers and think what we can do to upgrade our lives as well as the lives of the people around us and of course how to conserve our ecosystem that would be true Uttarayan isn’t it…?

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