The Melodrama Of Guru’gram’ Or ‘Kilo’…!

Few days back there was a huge hullabaloo about this Gurgaon’s brand identity as millennium city stood erased at one stroke which was the most powerful brand that Haryana or may I say a state like Haryana endorsed yes its government choose to erase it at one stroke by changing or say rechristening the city as the anodyne ‘Gurugram’ which was not at all required as far as my grey matter says which is hard to identify with anything this is the trailer or one of the piece that Haryana government taken which are seemingly suicidal recently the Jat agitators raised an alarming call when the law and order of the state came into halt which was as such diseased previously even the ban on beef that was undertaken without thinking a second chance about the foreign investors or our pseudo indo foreigners or the local farmers as well.

Gurgaon has been positioned as one of the sophisticated and modern cosmopolitan metropolis during the past three decades, it has made its way paving its path through the lands of many farmers has become home to around approximately 250 fortune 500 companies attracting almost 70 % of Haryana’s total investments.

Brand Gurgaon has come to be the aspirations of a millennium city renaming it snatches away the brand identity from the metropolis and unnecessarily adds a new complications on companies based here but on the contrary we have always learnt ‘what’s in the name it’s the work we do matters’ but still besides unlike changes in the names of many other upcoming cities the Indian cities who had the colonial influence in their life style and names as well being dropped for vernacular ones like Bombay to Mumbai, Calcutta to Kolkata, Gurgaon itself was colloquial as it is not every day that post colonial transitions happen but what if place names were to be changed with every changing political regime as BJP wanted to emphasize Gurgaon as the place of Guru Dronacharya’s birth place that adds on to a recipe for anarchy, ever since 2014 when Khattar’s government took over the reins of this metropolis it has failed to articulate a modern vision for the state, many investors are raising serious questions regarding the law and order of the state, the change in name has again pointed out the mismanagement of Khattar’s administrative policies.

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