The Melodrama Of Guru’gram’ Or ‘Kilo’…! [PART-4]

All the long list of name changes that the guardians of our country and cultural xenophobes has forced on global India but with a little difference here as the junking of Gurgaon was not exactly an act of armchair anti colonialism, it was more of a linguistic purification and a turn away from the colloquial. It also assaulted the rustic ‘Gurgawan’ preferred by the old natives who are now days more or less termed as some kind of criminal tribes whatever happens in Gurgaon the responsibility falls on them.

It is very interesting to see and observe the juxtapose, the curious love of Gurgaon both as city and as brand names with the names of the upscale residential complexes that defines this corner of Haryana a quick glance at the property portal of Gurgaon reveals this teeth breaking names of the high towers like Casabella, Tulip Violet, Palm Drive, The Verandas, Palm Springs, The Primus, La Lagune, the belaire and many more no one close to Indian nomenclature but just one The Vatika this is a huge mismatch between the high elite professional groups of people to those straight forward Haryanvi colloquials the things couldn’t be more striker so the name change should have been little more American that could fit easily into more international euphemism for American environment, as it is the only lone feature or Indian feature of Gurgaon architecture is the people who work here or who live here in the buildings and of course many of them pretend otherwise except during cricket matches.

The whole thing about this name change is quite unsettling like the names of Ooty, Trivandrum, Trichy, the argument is to go back to Indian names but there’s nothing wrong with the if some thinks it to be jiggery town as in India we know Gurgaon as jiggery or you could have been inserted if someone mistook it by chance…

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