The Melodrama Of Guru’gram’ Or ‘Kilo’…! [PART-2]

So suddenly out of the blue name change like futile act of our government is always on sudden surprise for us does this mean all other villages and towns in our ‘Mahan Bharat’ bearing the suffix of ‘gaon’ will be grammed down our throats choking it hither and thither, as it a common practice in India since ages that we have our places ending in ‘pur’ or ‘gaon’ now where is the harm in that type then similarly Jalgaon would be ‘Jalgram’ and ‘Malegaon’ which already sounds like a sexist male chauvinistic outpost when pronounced with the anglophonetic way instead of ‘maley’ if we say ‘male’ then will that become ‘Malegram’ or place only for men power and in many places like Goa the place ‘Margao’ would be ‘Margram’ or the Hindi version would be ‘death village’ or if ‘n’ is absent in there then it would be ‘Margra’ or what as such even on a comparative note due to huge population explosion of outsiders or so as to say the intelligent crowd of it sector all heading towards this millennium city ‘Guru gram’ would have suited it much better few years back but now in the present context it should have been ‘Guru kilo’ or ‘Guru ton’… then all the ‘bygaons’ be termed as what the bygaons would be ‘by gones’, Jalgaon would be Jalgram.

Instead of stressing on the real stuff why do we keep on wasting time and energy both in these fugitive stuff as such everyone is busy and would like to know one more thing seriously on whose brains does these things creep at the first instance he ‘s surely a noble gentle prize winner…!

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