Marathon With A Difference – ‘THE RICKSHAWTHON’…!

We all are very busy and taken up with the hullabaloo of new year but the point is why just one as per the stench beliefs of GC everyday day or rather every moment is the announcement of another new moment not just one day or something… anyways we are practicing it thus preaching but everyone has their own thought process anyways to start with we have observed and done research on the lives the so called ‘Rickshaw walla’s’ life who toil hard throughout the day but not earning enough to run even a normal life then the introduction of E-Rickshaws is also a setback news for them hampering their bread and butter many folds, just earning meager amounts to have a minimum meal no medication facilities or entertainment other than their radio or mobile songs if can afford any, on the contrary we are paying handsome amounts for a piece of pastry or beaming with proud we clear the bills at KFC or on DOMINOS but do we ever think about these people who work so hard but not getting enough diet forget the nutrition part or protein rich diet, we had on and off conversations with the Rickshaw walla’s and managed to be with them for a while try to impart a smile and could support them financially even by providing basic medicines trying to look forward to aid them with personal medical claim policy, we had talks regarding alcohol, chewing tobacco gutka, etc; the ill effects on their health they seemed to know all of it but for momentary high they go for such cheap addiction but is it entirely their fault aren’t we pushing them towards it although indirectly…

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