Marathon With A Difference – ‘THE RICKSHAWTHON’…! [PART-2]

We never think twice before spending ample amount of money on us but when it comes to paying those hardworking rickshaw pullers then we tend to be real merciless and argue for hours just for few pennies! Have anyone thought about a single time that even if we pay few bucks extra we are going to provide supper to their children thus enhancing their life at least even for a day or an hour but at least come forward and show your chivalry they are helping us isn’t it our duty as well to render them at least a liveable surreal life as when we all are one then they are not sitting in those AC cabins before the laptop but they are toiling hard so what if, if we spend some extra on them on the contrary when counting on passengers comes into account then we are really very generous climbing on to the rickshaw will be huge mammoth sized women with that extra sack of their tons of wheat or rice yes of course excluding the fatty tyres which those women showoff as their medal of well fed people, but how about the scorching sun, the torrential rains, the chilling cold winds they don’t differentiate in anything because they have to pacify those hunger stricken bodies of their family members without even thinking of anything else then why can’t we be little generous and share our the telltale little bit possible with them… it’s us who can render them a little smile, a bit of sense that yes they matter to us, uplifting their lifestyle at least in miniscule…

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