Newer Horizons…!

Towards a far more better and secure future education and knowing your rights well with the duties is the best weapon anyone can possess, the strongest power in your hands is the true knowledge not the knowledge that will fetch you some flying colours in the exam and secure a white collared job in an AC cabin. Oh well may be or may not be but when someone is possessed with the power of true knowledge about their existence, their well beings what is good for them and what is not, how to exercise the power of adult franchise not just casting your vote for some petty materialistic thing, know your own health the surroundings around you, basic hygiene part which definitely enhances the quality of life thus saving ones finances from getting drained into the pockets of today’s modern butchers the so called doctors of course not all of them are alike there’s always role models in the society, the basic workout plans, the dos and don’ts in day today life getting yourself into the clutches of so many bad habits that all lay bare ready to engulf the youngsters then it becomes impossible to regain the real you, then comes the theoretical part of education first of all it is the utmost important thing to be a very good real human being which will for and far sure define your success as a real human being, then the role of education the telltale formal education comes into play…

From here on a new story came up when a magnanimous department of ‘Customs and Central Excise’ presently known as ‘Goods and Services Tax’ did the sacred thing under the captaincy of commissioner to play a long inning of building the lives of many a youngsters by adopting one of the Government school in Jabalpur in which many senior officials are contributing their valuable knowledge, man power, aiding financially and above all sharing or imparting the most precious asset of their time which is the most valuable fortune right on today one can ask for…

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