Newer Horizons…! [PART-3]

Our major motto is to make good ‘complete humans’ first rather a bunch of not good for anything material, the basic concept is to make them realize their value to make them ‘complete humans’ as children belonging from this strata of society tend to move or take adverse steps rather than getting a good view towards life reason being it’s easy enough to take any ill step but one has to really work hard if he or she has to lead a much more meaningful life well meaning full or being successful does not mean at all to measure the success with the amount of money you are earning but successful in the real sense of being a good complete human being as far as money is concerned what is enough for a healthy comfortable life style but never to take any adverse step to earn few pennies that should be the real and is the real motto of our education and each step will surely take us towards our destination and if not all but even a two or three kids be good human beings our reward would be more than enough for our hard work…

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