Newer Horizons…! [PART-2]

As GC is always with the needy or stands and supports children as their backbone imparting a precious smile on their lips graduating them with their education, hygiene, nutritional diet, basic medical ailments, about their duties and rights and especially how to render themselves free from the clutches of bad habits like alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, etc; there by getting and creating interest of these people towards any discipline like sports etc so that energy gets channelized in the very right and positive form.

Different stages in the process of making the responsible citizen may it be in education, sports or directing their life style towards a more hygienic way.

Similarly here we started with imparting basic education but in a very practical format, knowing technology in the real sense not just misusing any handset, hygiene etc even by aiding them with the bare necessities of life what they need in a day to day basis…

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