The Olive Way – ‘Extra Virgin’ Olive Oil Is How ‘Virgin’?

Now a days a futile food fad is really in and we Indians are walking in the steps of Italians or we are pretending to be pseudo Italians and die hard to crave on the yellow golden olive oil! Ohh no the pure version of it the ‘virgin olive oil’ or the first press, the nutritionists are making real jokers of people by suggesting to use olive oil, the gym instructors are real fans not to miss the real money hackers the bunch of so called ‘certified doctors’ all are running after olive oil! Yes yes its very true but the dilemma lies far behind whether do we ever ask ourselves where was this olive oil just even say 10 to 20 years back? Were our ancestors obese or they were dipping their heads in olive oils? Were they getting enough heart disease by eating that deep fried ‘paneer pakora’ or ‘bhajiyas’ in poor our own poor mustard oil or some other vegetable oil! Then we are the same hardy concrete Indians isn’t it why don’t we relate ourselves to our past or from where we originated first…!

The consumption of olive oil has its own terms and conditions, it is the best when it is uncooked or not heated into any boiling temperature, or it is just miraculous when sprinkled over salads, or coated on a fillet of fish and left it in micro covered in foil as if just emerged from mars, then comes the cooking procedure, the food which we are going to cook with it, the temperature of that particular area or the weather conditions of the place where it is to be used and how we are going to use it because olive oil will only cast its spell when drizzled on salads or on low heat but at the end of the day it also has calories and we have to manage it whether it is from olive oil or any other cooking medium…

to be continued…

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