The Olive Way – ‘Extra Virgin’ Olive Oil Is How ‘Virgin’? [Part-3]

Be decisive in what you are eating and not what others are suggesting or doing we have to be choosy along with pocket friendly things are much preferred why forget our own traditional mustard oil nothing can overlap the strong fumes of our macho mustard oil when heated enough to fry those handsome cloves of garlic for our pretty yellow dal, what is abundant in a particular area depending on the climatic conditions the weather, the soil type its pH value, the water etc and many more deciding factors will decide which crop is best for that particular area this is also nature’s way of selection then why taking a diversion and going against nature for no good reason at all, as if we blindly rely on nature it will provide us with the necessary as on what is require when and where and trust GC that will be the best for our health as well, will help our farmers raise the Indian economy have you ever asked yourself are Italians putting mustard oil on their salads or even on their heads or massaging it on their bodies as we Indians do and yes it’s an age old practice please be the real you and don’t pretend to be a pseudo you, if required use olive oil as per the instructions and especially on salads not on your ‘baingan ka bharta’ if so use it on mashed eggplants and put it in micro for few seconds to retain all the goodness and richness of the golden olive oil but don’t waste it and feel secure enough from the clutch of heart diseases or any other ailment use olive it but remember those calories and you have to manage it as well… eat safe feel safe…

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