Now What…???

Back from few many days numerous questions are bringing tsunami in my mind out of the many I would like to ask Mr. Modi can you bring fresh oxygen or fresh air either by GST or by demonetizing money? There are just huge idiotic things being happening around but is there anything fruitful that has happened may be yes the pure diplomatic political reply would be but in the real sense is it so then please somebody go and buy fresh pure air for me whether with or without that electrifying factor GST, there is those third degree trains and hello we are talking about bullet trains then out of nowhere who suggested the nomenclature change of cities now what difference will that make by changing the name of a particular place? How much of money must have been drained may be for the purpose to continue the new name or by imposing it? Then the money part there are just so many poor people who don’t even know about the black night of demonetization. They were ill or had their hard earned money bundled in some secluded place and couldn’t gather the in memory to bring out the money from its hiding barracks, was that be termed as ‘black money’ or what their lives must have turned black from then on as they have the money but still they don’t have the money!

It’s just the feel they can touch and smell isn’t just like god you can feel it but can’t always use it yes that left over money those crumbled notes may have been the total saving of a fisherwomen or a truck driver so as to say now their lives are black and the big guns who have to shade their money as black or white they are entirely in the process of doing so already even they didn’t gave the commoners a single chance to change their hard earned money which was their only capital, may be it had hit hard on the faces of many a poor people…

to be continued…

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