Now What…??? [PART-4]

Then came the process of GST along with digitalization; plenty of booklets, plenty of money being drained in the process of making people GST friendly, the central excise departments left no stone unturned to participate in the whole process even t-shirts were distributed with GST scribbled on it, marathons were conducted, different schools and colleges were educated on this, then now the power of empty wallets came in to play or ‘cashless transactions’ but dear we can only do ‘cashless transactions’ when there is any money or even an account on our name with some respectable amount but then does the small vegetable vendors or fish mongers have to do cashless transactions they also have to have a scrimping device! Are we really capable of doing so? Just step onto a local dabba or a general compartment in any of our trains to see the nude harsh reality of real life people are really trying hard to meet their ends they have any account or not I wonder that may be its just a hallucination of some kind, on the contrary the money is just useless when it comes to merciless spending of it for ministers themselves their vehicles or on chartered planes if they are the real heroes of their country then why can’t they switch to some eco-friendly stuff like rickshaw or cycle themselves it will give them some healthy workout along with a cleaner thought process even saving the ecosystem, then on one hand we talk digital but in many central government offices things are done by hand even a FIR is also handwritten by the police how pity they should be empowered to solve the cases at the nick of time but alas…!

Anyways this is India a complex mixture of sweet sour flavours… has to deal with but we the citizens are responsible for it isn’t it?

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