Now What…??? [PART-2]

Then suddenly no big deal but then a big known face came into the rescue of how to download your ‘shit’ and where whether to lock the door or not and hello it’s all over on national television I just roll over on the floor with some milk sugar and coffee just to brew it up in my belly hello but there’s a point in their yes I save my gas energy that way not the belly gas but the cylinder which will burn my gas oven and yes also reduce the carbon foot print in the long run because I laugh like hell whenever I see that advertisement and the song is just too Grammy award winning type but then my brain bulb ignites itself then using my leftover grey matter I try to answer my stupendously idiotic questions of how smart and literate we are that we have to be taught where to go for your shitting thing and after doing all this rock and roll stuff I literally have seen people going for their important thing in the wide open under the huge green sky with those green foliage besides you scratching your butts ahh what comfort under the open sky with that ‘tendu’ leaf rolled within the fingers the very best friend of that particular period the high end ‘bidi’ it gives that extra punch naaa pressure may to relieve all that down then how come that person can confide himself in the walls of that lavatory just exploring nothing but that filthy smelling compound of may be a mixture of methane, ethane and other obnoxious hydrocarbon compounds, but the major problem is according to me is far beyond that now who will or have seen the septic tanks of these community latrines or from where the water will come to wash their bumps ohhh sorry be little sophisticated writer sirrrr oh forgot that a bottle will serve the purpose which they are very well accustomed taking in the open also but what will flush their dynamites which were downloaded down there or few pigs of say mammoth size are tied down there to do the cleaning errrrr…

to be continued…

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