Be Little With That Pickle!

There the bell rings hello once again a new diet venture or crusading diet management programme but yes or no both simultaneously ringing in sync but today we will sour your taste of that pickle by the name of which many will have salivating mouth but yes one need to be very cautious with the pickles part as well to be very frank in INDIA the mango, jackfruit or mixed vegetable pickles are no less than a menace as they are heavily loaded with oil yes our own ‘aaam ka acchar’ will have litres of mustard oil to preserve it or any other pickle is loaded with calories not to mention the sodium content of it which will shoot your blood pressure in seventh heaven then the nutritional value of that vegetable is intact or not who knows thus we are devouring only on oil, sodium chloride or salt along with some micro nutrients but very rich in citric acid especially in lemon or mango pickle even the citric acid is used as an preservative too but how much is absorbed by the body again a question of dilemma!!

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