The Great 2nd October… Or A Single Day For Cleanthon…! [PART-5]

Other than the above mentioned pollution there are plenty of other pollution to be talked about the traffic pollution, the water pollution, the speech pollution, the mental and the spiritual pollution, the air pollution, the talent pollution, the technological pollution, the e-waste pollution; just the pollution is just everywhere but the point is where to draw the line isn’t many a pollution would be checked just by checking on the population part? We have to start believing in quality of life rather than quantity! I don’t just get the point why is government wasting so much of money in paper works? In implementing those futile laws like ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’, etc!

Just nothing is happening in the real world just drainage of money into handful of pockets then the speech pollution without even knowing anything, any background of a concerned person or the age or sex, people just blurt out on anything to everything the slang, the misuse of words are hard to take, are people so taken up with those electronic medias and all the restlessness the intolerance levels are just sky soaring high and hard to bear, whatever is wrong for nature for earth and of course for ourselves we are leaving no stone unturned to do such disastrous things without even thinking twice, the relentless chopping of the trees, polluting water, creating huge concrete jungles but then what’s the future? It’s a black hole ready to engulf us at any given point of time…

To sum up with the fact we have to use our upper storey to cross these hurdles and overpower them rather than surrendering ourselves in those hands of devil the ultimate destruction… instead of just doing ‘jhaduthon’ lets pledge for a real ‘cleanthon’ firstly of our minds than anything else as every bit of anything starts from the brain itself then it falls back into action…

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