The Great 2nd October… Or A Single Day For Cleanthon…! [PART-3]

2. Why can’t we separate and segregate our own trash? Where is the shame? Just divide the trash into two forms the biodegradable ones and the other non-biodegradable ones by keeping two separate containers one for disposable articles like vegetable & fruit peels, bits of paper etc; while the other into iron and plastic forms then dispose it in to some close by recycling firm and the biodegradable ones can be embedded in a pit may be in your compound or somewhere near by a park or so if you are living in a flat system thus you yourself will generate humus for your beloved plants, it will give you immense positivity and trust me you would love doing it and this takes very little time and energy as well at least lesser time as compared to what you spend on your mobile phone in an average and this will also give a sense of satisfaction that yes we doing our stuff to keep our earth safe for at least few more years to come or what is the use of producing children when we don’t have any fresh air or water to live? Forget the food, the attire, the schooling, the basics are dying then why think of the tertiary levels!

3. Waste Management and Medical Waste Disposal – Recently GC witnessed a trip to garbage heaps in a land fill then visited many landfills where to my astonishment people were segregating food from waste to eat amidst of all the infectious medical waste from hospitals, those hospitals aren’t equipped with the knowledge or the infrastructure to discard those infectious needles or other blood, urine swabs or pouches and many other medical waste which were contagious with deadly virus and bacteria are all but discarded in the hospital premises then those are being carried away by the workers to these dumping grounds that too without any safety gadgets or even a pair of gloves. The dumping grounds are no less than mountains which can be very hazardous at a given point of time and emitting very poisonous gases, this is also disturbing the ecosystem as many highest levels carnivores the vultures and eagles devour on those discarded carcasses etc; the dogs and the pigs who in return even venture into the city as well carrying with them immense amounts of germs which can give birth to huge epidemic at any time even the hospitals don’t have proper gloves or aprons forget the other amenities. This is an alarming call for all of us if an epidemic spreads out no one just no one will be spared off, I think that’s why all our big gun political leaders go out of the country to get operated upon are they scared but do we all have the resources to do so?? Then why not take notice at the basics and eradicate the nuisance from the roots!!

to be continued…

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